Art of Moog

Art of Moog performs Bach, live, on synthesizers.





Art of Moog’s official debut took place in April, as part of the 2018 Bach Weekend at Kings Place, London, UK.

‘It was a delightful hour spent revisiting the past… This re-creation of pioneering work – in spite of the attention to detail paid to Bach’s ornamentation informed by post-Carlos discoveries of performance practice – invited a lighthearted, joyous reaction.’
MusicOMH 4.5* full review

‘I think it’s utterly inconceivable that Bach wouldn’t have been all over a Moog (or any other really good synth) were it possible to spirit one back into the 18th century. The limitless potential for colour, contrast and clarity is perfect for this music.’
AoM director Robin Bigwood’s BBC Music Magazine blog post.

Stayed tuned for future concert dates, including 2019 performances at Kings Place, London and Brighton Early Music Festival.


Bach on synths has been done before – Wendy Carlos’s seminal Switched-on Bach notches up its 50th anniversary in 2018. But Art of Moog is a bit different. Every performance is played completely live, with no pre-recorded elements. And crucially, in their ‘day job’, the musicians are all harpsichordists and historically-informed specialists, playing with world-class orchestras, and steeped in baroque tradition. This is synth-Bach with completely new levels of insight.


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